Localization is For Everything - Not Just Your Product

Resolutions in Translation Series 

Resolution #5 (May) — Expand Your Vision


When you first start transitioning from your domestic market to an international market, localizing your product alone can seem like a mentionable achievement. However, for your company to provide returns on this expansion, much more than just your product should be localized. By expanding your vision from just adapting the product itself to adapting your marketing campaigns, web pages, user-generated content, and mobile apps you can provide your company with the advantage it needs to not only be successful in a global market but also competitive.


According to a recent survey by the Common Sense Advisory (CSA) “consumers are six times more likely to buy when they see localized marketing”. This alone can give your company a huge advantage over others who haven’t yet taken the steps to localize their marketing. Localized marketing can take many forms- from multi-country brand development and management to tagline/slogan transcreation. When going into a new country or culture don’t assume that what sold products in your home market will also sell products abroad. By doing a little bit of research into what is appealing in the target culture or country you can save your company thousands of dollars in marketing campaigns.


Web pages are another important investment to localize in your company. If online content seems foreign or confusing to a consumer they are less likely to continue using it. Some of the aspects of web page localization include making sure your page is compatible with right to left languages as well as left to right, ensuring that your text files are extracted from the source code and that writing isn’t embedded in images but rather in extractable text format. By following these simple steps you can streamline the localization process for any potential market and language. pexels-photo-239898.jpeg


Another feature that would be beneficial to localize is your user generated content. Most companies have a Frequently Asked Questions, Review and Comments, or Feedback section on their websites. These pages are critical in our modern era because most consumers won’t buy a product until they have seen what results (for good or bad) other customers have experienced with it. Whether when visiting a doctor or surgeon, buying a new mattress, or booking a hotel people have a need to learn from other’s mistakes and successes. This organic content can be translated and localized so it is easy to find and navigate for consumers in a foreign market. By presenting this information in the format they are most accustomed so you can increase the probability that they will trust your product and services. It is also beneficial to increase the SEO for user generated content so other potential customers searching online can more easily find your website.


Another important, but often overlooked, feature for localization is your company’s app. People prefer to have an app the can easily open on their phone or tablet that can quickly and easily allow them to access all the information they need from a company with all of their personal information still saved inside. However, quality matters when it comes to an app and if the mobile interface has too many bugs (due to lack of localization) you won’t be guaranteed their use of your product for long. By taking some simple steps, such as ensuring that text boxes can fit expanded translated screens, to making sure that the login button is in the section of the page that they are used to, you can help make the app more user-friendly for users in a target market.


By expanding your company’s vision of adaptation you will create a new global perspective within all the employees and processes in your company. Localization will become standard as opposed to an afterthought, thereby streamlining your production line and better improving your quality for the consumer. Localization is the key to global success and will improve your reception in foreign markets as people come to more readily accept your product. Resolve today to make these simple practices a staple in your workflow to improve your company.