Share & Collaborate: What a CAT Tool Has To Do with Your Company's Success

Resolutions in Translation Series
Resolution #2 (February) — Share & Collaborate
What a CAT Tool Has To Do with Your Company's Success

February is a month focused on friendships and relationships, making it the ideal time to focus on the benefits of communication and collaboration. It is readily apparent in any field that increased communication and collaboration in the workplace will lead to increased productivity and success for the company. Unfortunately, factors in the everyday translator's workflow can impede and, at times, halt workplace collaboration altogether.  These factors, such as miscommunication, lack of transparency, access to information—and even incompatibility of software between different departments—can inhibit communication. Fortunately, Nucleus provides a CAT tool which is also a project management system. It gives companies a platform to enhance collaboration, facilitating global productivity in the work environment with a streamlined flow of information. Some of the benefits Nucleus offers include:

Ease of Sharing:
With Nucleus' "CAT in the Cloud" tool you can easily share files with colleagues. Since it is cloud based, any colleague with the appropriate credentials is able to add, modify, update, or download the files your team is working on at anytime and from anywhere. Also, by having your entire team within the Nucleus platform you will reduce your number of file transfers, since all files and translation projects can be stored within the tool.

Nucleus offers increased accessibility because it is browser-based, allowing it to function on any platform, anywhere. This grants you unprecedented freedom to view your projects from any location and on any device. Without having to haul a work computer everywhere, you now travel lighter and freer. Yet, while on vacation you can still access the system and join the team to help complete a project on time, enter your credentials, and instantly have access to your project—you saved the day!.

As you strive to facilitate sharing your files with those inside the scope of the project, Nucleus provides a fully encrypted cloud environment where you can do your work and feel protected. The layers of security allow you to quickly give and remove access to specific parts of your projects to whomever you wish. You can have the confidence that the environment where your colleagues and vendors work meets both your and your clients' security requirements. No more sending and receiving files via email, hoping that your associates’ stations have the appropriate firewalls or antivirus software. The access restrictions embedded in Nucleus ensure that all sensitive information is secure so as to not compromise the confidentiality and integrity of the data entrusted to you by your clients.

For a strong collaborative relationship to last, there needs to be not only an open line of communication, but also an honest accountability. Visual reporting in Nucleus provides the live status of the project to members of the team. Because the system updates itself automatically, no one is ever left wondering how much has really been done on the project and how much longer they need to wait for the finished product. This transparency improves collaboration and communication among team members on any project.  They'll no longer need to waste time waiting for emails regarding status updates!

This month, resolve to improve your collaboration in your workplace by using more of these features offered by Nucleus. Please feel free to share your experiences with Nucleus or even send us a testimonial!