The Global Translation Management Platform


A cloud-based translation management platform packed with essential features:
It offers a clean and stunning CAT interface, a powerful project management system,
simple billing, reliable internal messaging, live web collaboration, etc.

Come Enjoy!

Robust CAT Tool

The CAT in the Cloud! © Pick up your work anywhere and anytime with Nucleus' dynamic cloud translation interface. Enjoy the dexterity this web-based translation tool offers, and never lose your work again.

Built-in Review Process

Nucleus translation tools come embedded with review functions to help you deliver quality projects consistently.

Dynamic Management

Manage all your files and translation projects within Nucleus, and reduce the number of file transfers as all involved can now do their work within Nucleus.

Visual Reporting

With reporting modules directly connected to your systems and translation processes, Nucleus offers live visibility on any of your projects with timely accuracy.

Choose The Plan That Fits You

Nucleus' elasticity makes it the tool of reference.
Practical and affordable enough for the freelance translator,
Robust enough for the enterprise global translation and localization projects.

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Minimum Licenses 1 1 1 10 30 100
Amazon SES API
Maximum User Licenses 1 license 1 license 10 licenses 40 licenses 300 licenses Unlimited
Simultaneous Projects 1 project 5 projects 15 projects 50 projects Unlimited Unlimited
Supported File Extensions 5 file types 10 file types 30 file types 58 File Extensions 58 File Extensions 58 File Extensions
Concurrent TMs Leveraged Per Project 1 TM 10 TMs Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Total Termbases 2 Termbases 15 Termbases 50 Termbases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Total TMs 2 TMs 15 TMs 50 TMs Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Total Target Locales per Project 2 locales 5 locales 20 locales Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Uploadable File Size 2 MB 10 MB 50 MB 256 MB 256 MB 256 MB
Maximum Word Count Per File 5,000 words 30,000 words Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Message Board -- -- Included Included Included Included
Workflow Steps -- -- Included Included Included Included
Email Notifications
Microsoft Translator API yes
Supplier Status
Nucleus XLIFF Import
Nucleus XLIFF Export
In-Project Translation Suggestions
Translation Autosave
Localization Vendor Management
Workflow Customization
Guest License Management


What some of our users are saying:

"Helping our teams work better together and always strive for better processes."

- Jefferson H.

"I am a translator using the Nucleus platform on various English-Simplified Chinese projects. I think Nucleus is the best platform integrated with machine translation so far."

- Hui W.

"The website is fantastic, very convenient to use."

- Sara L.

"I just used the tool for translations and I think it is really good. I can even get live suggestions form Google translate or Microsoft Translator. I think the tool is very intuitive."

- Milena F.